The logo and visual style of the legendary gun brand

AK is undoubtedly the most famous weapon brand of the second half of the 20th century. It is known and appreciated all over the world, it is looked up to, it defends whole countries and ensures law, order, and peace.

It is important for a brand to live up to the status of an international company not only in content, but also visually. Today, a well-thought-out brand strategy is essential to make sure the communications are consistent across multiple channels, such as ads, digital, websites, etc. A logo is a banner, an expression of commitment to developing a great product.

The strict geometric shapes make it memorable and stand out, which is one of the greatest visual assets.

A stylistic solution of combining the letters “A” and “K” in a single expressive design, visualized in a modern technological style. The logo is easy to remember and memorize, it is not overloaded with unnecessary details, so it looks harmonious both in miniature and in large size.

The logo has several points of perception. In the center of the composition, there is a shield or a sword, or an epaulette.

The shield is a key element of the coat of arms, its additional image means strength, courage, honor, and protection.
The sword is a willingness to defend one’s state, city and family, justice and honesty in enforcing the law.
The epaulettes are a mandatory attribute to indicate differences in the armed forces, law enforcement agencies and similar paramilitary formations.