Kalashnikov Academy’s corporate identity

Kalashnikov Academy is an area of interest where every child can discover his or her own talents. Formation of a new generation of creative engineers who will join Kalashnikov enterprise upon education at university level.

It was an interesting and at the same time challenging task, to create an identity for a modern educational project. Based on the results of a survey conducted among future potential students, an impressive plume of stereotypes about the meaning of the word “Kalashnikov” in a visual solution was intentionally discarded.


The unexplored space, its vastness and mystery is attracting and fascinating, we wonder how many new discoveries and achievements await us in the future. Exploration and colonization of planets, journey to new worlds, all this is in the hands of a new generation, young talents and geniuses.


Geometry as an empirical science. Construction of both simple and complex figures subordinated to axiomatic statements. Since Ancient Greece, geometry has been based on philosophical concepts, a science in which everything is subject to analysis, rules and proofs.

Developmental games and puzzles

Logic games develop child’s analytical mind and thinking abilities, which will be useful in his or her studies and scientific work in the future.

By combining all three of these areas, we were able to build an interesting visual solution for the main logo of the Academy and its internal educational areas.

The project’s signature color palette is unique, with each color having the name of a stone. We illustrated which particular science every academy student chooses and comprehends.